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The windup and the pitch . . . three winners in the unclebarky.com newscast slogan contest

Thanks to all who participated in unclebarky.com's inaugural reader contest. We hope to have more of them. And now for the three winning entries in our local newscast slogan contest, all of whom will be individually contacted via email to pick their prizes.


Chris Huff for these three inventive efforts:

Belo8 -- "Pete & Dale's Playhouse"
CBS11 -- "Lead-in Squandering You Can Count On"
TXA21 -- "The DriverSelect TXA21 News -- First in Prime Thanks to Middlekauf Ford. Home of the SuperDoppler Radar Brought to You By Cirro Energy"


Sara Ivey for:

"NBC5 -- "You'll Feel Better Watching Other People's Tragedies"
Fox4 -- "Serious About Breaking Your Heart"
CBS11 -- "First In Cute Baby Animal Stories"


Brian Lusk for:

CBS11 -- "We're just like NBC5 -- only different"
Belo8 -- "Three Guys, A Girl And A Laughfest"

Honorable Mention

Jesse Jackson for:

Belo8 -- "Hansen in HD. Sorry, Please Watch Us Anyway"
NBC5 -- "Remember When Our Prime-Time Lineup Mattered? Please Watch Us Anyway"

Thanks again, everybody!
Ed Bark