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Uncle Barky -- in character as a caricature

Looking like Bob Hope, your friendly content provider is at far left.

An esteemed panel of TV critics -- OK, a bunch of losers -- recently participated in a Hollywood Reporter telephone survey on who should be nominated for TV's Emmy Awards.

The results and an accompanying caricature of the five of us (by the very capable Chris Morris) were published in the trade magazine's Friday, June 13th edition. That's Bob Hope, alias Ed Bark/Uncle Barky, on the far left. Also pictured from left to right: Rick Kushman of the Sacramento Bee; Diane Werts, Newsday contributor and formerly of The Dallas Morning News; Television Critics Association president Dave Walker of the New Orleans Times-Picayune and David Kronke of The Los Angeles Daily News and formerly of The Dallas Times-Herald.

As for our Emmy picks, I'm positive that I mentioned FX's Damages and AMC's Mad Men among my nominees. In fact I think Damages should win. That's not reflected in the print version of the survey, but maybe I was just too addled that day.

Anyway, the Emmy nominations are on July 17th, with the annual prime-time ceremony scheduled for Sept. 21st on ABC.
Ed Bark