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TV intrudes on wine country escape

Raymond Burr and Emmys; good ol' Charlie Brown. Photos: Madeline Bark

Every out-of-town sojurn has some TV angles. So on our weekend trip to northern California wine country, we encountered:

***The Raymond Burr Vineyard, located in the Dry Creek Valley near Healdsburg. It's smallish compared to many, but the rustic tasting room does include a picture of the late Burr bordered by his real-life pair of best actor Emmys for Perry Mason.

***In nearby Santa Rosa, about 50 miles from San Francisco/Oakland, is the Charles M. Schulz Museum, built in honor of the legendary Peanuts creator. Its adjacent gift shop is huge and well-appointed with memorabilia. There's also a Warm Puppy Cafe from which you can enter a fully equipped skating rink. Good grief, your still infantile content provider bought matching Charlie/Lucy bobbleheads.