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Fort Worth-based NBC5 is adding a new full-time reporter who's arriving from San Antonio's Peacock affiliate and is a former Scrappy the Eagle mascot at the University of North Texas. Find out more here. CBS11/TXA21 has also added a newser, but he'll be a freelancer for now.

Also, Mark Cuban's HDNet Movies has another "sneak preview" Wednesday. And World's Greatest Dad, coming to theaters this Friday, turns out to be a dark but involving film starring Robin Williams and directed by his longtime friend, Bobcat Goldthwait. Our review is here. Plus, the latest D-FW Nielsens show that Shaquille O'Neal can come close to besting Ben Roethlisberger but has no chance at all against NBC's America's Got Talent.

And one more thing: Scantily-clad Britney Spears' Tuesday reading of Late Show's Top 10 list obviously didn't leave David Letterman feeling the heat -- or spreading any warmth. We've embedded the uncomfortable video here.
Ed Bark