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The. Best. Damn. Super Bowl. Ever. Period.

Fox can't wait to total up the ratings after the New York Giants' sensational 17-14 win over the no longer unbeaten New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

They're bound to be gargantuan for a game brimming with drama, guts and finally the sight of defeated coach Bill Belichick in classic class-less form during a terse post-game interview in which he couldn't bring himself to congratulate the victor.

America's new aw shucks sports hero, Giants QB Eli Manning, may not have the Hollywood hustle of the Cowboys' Tony Romo. Good for him. Here's a quiet, self-effacing Super Bowl MVP who likes to go antiquing as an adult after getting the bug from his mom while tagging along with her as a kid on her treasure hunts.

Romo of course prefers getting manure-faced and then singing with substandard heavy metal cover bands while in the company of dumb Tinseltown blondes. The closest he got to Sunday's big game was a slam-bang Justin Timberlake Pepsi commercial in which Romo quizzically asked "Justin?" after almost running him down.

"Hey, Tony," Timberlake mustered before being sucked along to further misadventures in one of the long day's better spots.

My personal favorite commercial, with Shaquille O'Neal as a jockey, can be seen here along with another funny celebrity-driven spot starring Will Ferrell of the Flint Tropics as a pitchman for both Bud Light and his new basketball movie. A local Super Bowl ad for Crest Auto Group of Plano, featuring a fake, sobbing Terrell Owens, can be revisited at this address.

Here's the elongated Timberlake sight gag, filmed in happier pre-playoff times for Romo. Now Eli's the one who's got game while Tony's slipped to the level of even the NFC East's second banana.