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Heading on a road trip, leaving lots behind

A road trip to the Midwest beckons, so we’re answering the call. I’ll be off for a while, but have left four new series reviews and a think piece behind. And of course, there’ll be some tweets and pics from the road via @unclebarkycom.

Here’s the menu:

Hulu’s Harlots, TV Land’s Nobodies and ABC’s Imaginary Mary all fire up on Wednesday, March 29th.

The review of Harlots is here.

The review of Nobodies is here.

And the review of Imaginary Mary is here.

Plus, Fox is re-booting Prison Break and resurrecting tattooed Michael Scofield from the dead. It premieres on Tuesday, April 4th, and our review is here.

Also, I’ve been talking about the perils of a sharply divided media landscape for years. Here’s a new take on our Network News & Reviews page.
Ed Bark