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Shocking discovery: Ryan Seacrest's 5th cousin resides in Bark abode

Ryan Seacrest, tombstone of Frederick Zullinger and Madeline Bark

Calling Access Hollywood. My mother-in-law, Janice Roden, who's also an ace genealogist, has uncovered a common grandfather for American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Dallas nurse Madeline Bark, who's also the wife of commoner Ed Bark.

Frederick Zullinger, who lived from 1789 to 1863, is Ryan's great great great great grandfather. He died in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Zullinger also is Madeline's great great great great great grandfather. That makes them fifth cousins once removed, which means that Ryan, 34, is a generation younger than Madeline, 51. Although of course she doesn't look it, her husband hastily adds.

Ryan's mother, Constance Marie Zullinger, was born in Franklin County, PA on May 10, 1948. She had Ryan on Christmas Eve, 1974, in Dunwoody, Georgia.

Madeline's mother, originally Janice Areta Zullinger, was born in Dallas on Jan. 28, 1935. She had Madeline on Oct. 5, 1957.

Janice also notes that Ryan's and Madeline's shared grandfather, Frederick Zullinger, has two Revolutionary War patriots in his lineage -- Nicholas and Jakob Zullinger. Nicholas was Frederick's father, and Jakob was Nicholas' father.

Madeline hasn't gone Hollywood yet. But of course she found this connection amusing and probably a little thrilling as well. Meanwhile, her husband, a k a Uncle Barky, continues to swim in his small, nondescript pond while bragging that he once met Joe Piscopo.

Here's the genealogy chart. Be sure to send flowers, Ryan: