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Time off for good behavior

This just in: Your friendly content provider will be going on vacation for the next week. But we've left the shelves well-stocked with fresh material.

Check out our reviews of three upcoming new series -- NBC's The Listener, USA's Royal Pains and Showtime's Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco in her first big post-Sopranos role.

We also have video of former Fox4 Good Day anchor Megan Henderson in her early morning guise at L.A.'s KTLA-TV. You can catch some quick glimpses of her while otherwise enduring some over-the-top antics by the station's weather clown. Did Henderson really sign on for this?

Also, check out the inspired "Twitter Tracker" bit on Conan O'Brien's second Tonight Show. And you can see how it and other programs fared in Wednesday's D-FW Nielsen ratings.

Finally, scroll down just a bit on this page to see some happy news for two D-FW television personalities.

Otherwise, until next Thursday, June 11th, unclebarky.com is on holiday. Thanks as always for your patronage.
Ed Bark