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The Uncle Barky Webcast makes it two to grow on

Consumer alert: the second Uncle Barky Webcast is up and running on a computer near you.

As promised, we return to the Colleyville kitchen of former NBC5 meteorologist Rebecca Miller for a second baking seminar. This time she displays and frosts some of her gourmet dog treats before her own canines happily sample the cuisine.

The webcasts are produced by Texas radio Hall of Famer John Rody (of KZEW-FM's "The Morning Zoo" fame), whose webcastingnetworks.com operates out of Irving, TX.

This latest Uncle Barky Webcast runs a bit under nine minutes, which will be more typical of the length. Note to self: curb involuntary shoulder shrug, tamp down the hand-talking and let a smile be your umbrella. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the content and the concept. We've taped five of 'em so far, and many thanks to John for stitching it all together.
Ed Bark