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Up-close and objective: Night 1 of the May sweeps

Your friendly content provider probably should slap himself alongside the coconut for doing this again. But if you're gonna be a critic, you have to take some good hard looks at what those on the receiving end actually do. Specifically, I'm talking about the late night local newscasts on Fox4, NBC5, WFAA8 and CBS11, which began their tri-annual "sweeps" warfare Thursday night.

For as long as stamina and sanity hold out, we'll take a detailed look at what they're offering on the 20 weeknights that comprise the sweeps. And for starters, here's a possibly shocking development: NBC5's 10 p.m. newscasts actually seem to be aiming a little higher and getting a little better. See what we're getting at here.

Also, D-FW's Night 1 May sweeps Nielsen ratings are in.
Ed Bark