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Fox4's Good Day getting up even earlier; tweet treats from Conan O'Brien

It's that time of month again. Which for the purposes of unclebarky.com means the archiving of various pages as March melts into April.

Before getting to our featured attractions, here's a friendly reminder as well. If you're buying something on amazon and you'd like to put a few pennies in unclebarky.com's pockets, then please click to amazon via any of the ads on this web site. Last month's proceeds -- a 4 percent commission on most sales -- came to a grand total of $92.67. Doesn't sound like much, but it's considerably higher than most months. And it covers the payment on Uncle Barky's '67 Chevy Coupe. So many thanks to all who took the time to click here first.

OK, on to what's new inside. Fox4's Good Day will be expanding Monday while also adding a new feature involving one of its anchors. Get all the details here. Plus, Conan O'Brien makes his tweets count by usually doing just one a day after starting in late February. Our chronological compendium of his sweetest Tweets (including some of the pics he's also posted) can be found on the Network News & Reviews page. O'Brien's comedy tour makes a stop in Dallas on May 13th at SMU's McFarlin Auditorium, but it's sold out.
Ed Bark