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Longtime and first-time unclebarky.com readers may have noticed that it’s been a very busy week on the D-FW television news front.

But all of the below stories likely would have gone completely unreported without your friendly content provider bringing them to light:

***CBS11 anchor Brendan Higgins’ altercation with police in Aspen, Colo., according to detailed official reports.
***WFAA8’s intent to hire a uniformed DeSoto police officer as its new early morning traffic reporter.
***CBS11 reporter Susy Solis’ decision to join the growing number of TV news gatherers entering the PR field.
***Complete ratings breakdowns of the Dallas Cowboys’ first two preseason games -- and why comparisons to last year’s are basically meaningless.

So here’s the deal. Unclebarky.com is the fifth largest TV market’s only independent voice when it comes to both local and national television reviews and reporting. We don’t have any “content-sharing” deals with anyone. NBC5 is in a contractual partnership with The Dallas Morning News and WFAA8 has a similar agreement with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Unclebarky.com’s only partnership is with readers. And you can help defray the cost of keeping this website going by this simple means of support. If you’re buying anything on amazon.com, simply click first on any Amazon ad on any unclebarky.com page. You’ll be taken directly to Amazon for the purchases you were going to make anyway. The only difference: Unclebarky.com will get a small financial percentage of anything bought.

It’s not much, and in most months the proceeds to this website total well less than $100.00. Save for the Christmas season, when Amazon buying is at its peak.

Unclebarky.com will always be a free website, and I very infrequently panhandle in this manner. But now seems like an apt time. So if you enjoy the content, much of which otherwise would never see the light of day, then please make a habit of taking the unclebarky.com route to Amazon. It all helps. And your friendly content provider’s little heart tends to go pitter-pat whenever the Amazon sales commission tote board kicks up a few dollars and cents.

Many thanks to those readers who have been supporting unclebarky.com in this manner for months if not years. But you, too, can join the legions (dozens?) of unclebarky.com backers by making this simple Amazon connection.

OK, enough. And thanks to all for your continued readership and input.
Ed Bark