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At stake: a boarding pass for Air Farce One -- ba da bum ba

Here they go again. Fresh from deadly appearances last spring on WWE's Monday Night Raw, presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain have taped "funny campaign ads" (in NBC's view) for Thursday's season finale of Last Comic Standing (7 to 8:30 p.m. central).

Obama at least seems semi-embarrassed after mouthing, "If you don't think I'm funny, you've obviously never seen me bowl."

McCain again comes off as Henny Youngman after a sledge-hammer pounding. "Unfunny presidents only serve one term, if they win an election at all," he says with all due stiffness. Both candidates stand at lecterns emblazoned with the Last Comic Standing logo.

Anyway, see for yourself just how high-larious these guys can be in pursuit of the most powerful office in the world during times of serious toil and trouble both at home and abroad. Rim shot, please.