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Emptying the mailbag on reader reactions to WFAA8's virtual bypass of West, TX memorial service

Readers had pointed reactions, and not all of them negative, to WFAA8’s decision to largely ignore Thursday afternoon’s West, TX memorial service while rivals Fox4, NBC5 and CBS11 covered it live from start to finish. A big helping of comments is on the Uncle Barky’s Mailbag page.

Plus, the weekend D-FW Nielsen ratings are posted.

Also, please ignore that “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded for unclebarky.com” thing at the top of the Google search site. It was a mess-up on Macdock’s part after they “upgraded” a week or so ago. Their error has been remedied, and the site has been fully operational again since mid-Monday morning. Slowly but surely, the “Bandwidth Exceeded” header will move toward the bottom where it belongs. I hope.
Ed Bark