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Technical knockout (but unclebarky.com now back on feet)

The big rubber band broke and the hamster ran out of gas.

Actually, the router box at unclebarky.com central suddenly went dead Saturday. And a replacement (from a provider rhyming with horizon) didn't arrive until late Tuesday afternoon. That meant no Internet, email access or publishing capability for what seemed like an eternity.

But we're back in play now, giving you the complete local ratings for the last three World Series games plus the Cowboys' Sunday afternoon debacle against Jacksonville. The Texas Rangers-powered Series obviously was a blockbuster in these parts, but not so much nationally. We've got those numbers, too.

As another month goes into the archives, many continued thanks to our varied and growing readership. It's also time for another brief notation that any amazon purchases made after first clicking through the ads on unclebarky.com will provide yours truly with a small percentage of the proceeds. Patronage of our other advertisers is also encouraged. It all helps. Thanks again, and here's hoping this new router will be a permanent keeper.
Ed Bark