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ABC's The Gates and Scoundrels may give viewers and broadcast networks reasons to believe in new scripted summer programming (plus much more)

It's a busy Father's Day on the new programming front. ABC is striving to make summer Sundays come alive with two new, intriguing and heavily promoted serial dramas, The Gates and Scoundrels. Our reviews are here.

Also, Syfy is presenting its new four-hour version of The Phantom in one big Sunday gulp. Go here for our review. Showtime's rather markedly chaste The Real L Word also debuts Sunday. Unclebarky.com has an app for that, too. And although I haven't had enough time to review it, National Geographic Channel's five-hour How The Earth Changed History will be running Sunday through Tuesday. It looks like a worthy endeavor, so here's a link to the official website.

Plus, CW33 news finally states the very obvious in a new ad with an unprecedented slogan. Check it out here. And of course we also have some suggested slogans of our own.

Furthermore, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings show you how big the numbers got for Thursday night's Game 7 of the NBA Finals. And nationally, TV Land is basking in robust ratings for the premiere of its Hot In Cleveland sitcom while Dave is gaining on Jay. See our TV Bulletin Board page for the particulars. Puff-puff.
Ed Bark