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What a drag: dueling El Paso news vans get their motors running

Anderson Cooper's "What Were They Thinking" segment on CNN recently got all huffy about two drag-racing news vans in El Paso.

"Stay classy, El Paso," he jabbed while sharing the segment with bimbo-ish anchor-ette Erica Hill. Remember, this is from the news purist who used to host The Mole on ABC. And who still occasionally subs for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis & Kelly.

It turns out that an anchor was driving one of the El Paso news vehicles during their drag strip duel. And actually, it'd be pretty cool to see NBC5's Mike Snyder gunning it in a race with CBS11's Scott Sams during a Texas Motor Speedway showdown between D-FW's resident Ted Baxters.

OK, that wasn't very nice to say, especially from someone whose alter ego is Uncle Barky. Here's the clip:
Ed Bark