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Time-traveling with Dave: Our complete collection

In less than two weeks, David Letterman will leave the after-hours firmament after a record 33-year run on NBC’s Late Night and then the CBS Late Show.

My first-hand, up-close experiences with him date to his second year at the Late Night He began hosting the show on Feb. 2, 1982 and I interviewed him in the fall of the following year. Letterman was considerably more accessible to reporters back then. Even though he still didn’t really enjoy it all that much.

Our Back Channels page now houses four Letterman stories for your reading enjoyment -- or whatever. Here they are in chronological order, with links to one and all:

1983 -- An interview with Letterman within the confines of his Late Night office, whose contents included a well-used baseball with the notably smudged signature of Johnny Bench.

1987 -- Dave does Vegas for a week’s worth of shows. And your friendly content provider joins him.

1993 -- In one of his last mass press conferences, Letterman is in Los Angeles to talk up his upcoming new CBS Late Show. He still openly smoked cigars at the time.

1994 -- A tour of “Mr. Letterman’s Neighborhood” in the immediate vicinity of the Ed Sullivan Theater. Once upon a time, Mujibur and Sirajul were star players within the walls of their Rock America souvenir store.

Take a look if you would. All these years later, it was a voyage of discovery for me again, too.
Ed Bark