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A disgraced Roger Ailes is out at Fox News Channel

We see it all too often. A visionary with a lifetime of larger-than-life achievements stays at the party too long and then is carried out in ignominy. Our Network News & Reviews page takes a long look at Roger Ailes, including excerpts from an interview we had on the eve of Fox News Channel’s launch.

Plus, our last in a series of Back Channel look-backs at previous Republican conventions is an opus on what the networks had in store for the 1984 gathering in Dallas.

Also, Mark Cuban tells a string of jokes about fellow billionaire Donald Trump on Wednesday’s live, convention-themed edition of Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Furthermore, the D-FW ratings are posted for Night 3 of the Republican convention in Cleveland. And former shelter kitty Bella Bark salutes the NBC5/Telemundo39 “Clear the Shelters” initiative, which this year is on Saturday, July 23rd.
Ed Bark