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Two more fall newcomers: ABC's Betrayal and HBO's Hello Ladies (plus the return of Homeland)

It’s been a super-busy week here at unclebarky.com central. One new fall series after another, some with multiple episodes to watch. And here we go with two more reviews. You can find ABC’s Betrayal here and HBO’s Hello Ladies here.

Plus, since I’m pretty gassed at this point, I’m going to link you to a Homeland piece I wrote on the summer TV “press tour” for tvworthwatching.com. One can’t give away too much, but I do like the way the series has rebooted into this pivotal Season 3. And as previously noted on the Network News & Reviews page, Homeland and Showtime’s new Masters of Sex on Sunday nights give the network this season’s best one-two drama series pairing.
Ed Bark