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Rangers/Woods vie for attention; former WFAA8 reporter recounts the night when a streaker invaded his live shot

"Salty" peppers Blue Jays in season opener on FSS. Photo: Ed Bark

The Texas Rangers and Tiger Woods opened their new seasons simultaneously Monday afternoon, with the hometown nine finally prevailing over Toronto while Woods held his first post-scandal press conference before this week's Masters tournament. We track the odd confluence here.

Also, former WFAA8 reporter Bert Lozano is still less than four years removed from a streaker crossing his path during a late night live shot near Lake Lewisville. The video is getting new life on youtube, so we asked him about his on-air determination to pretend that nothing had happened. Get the blow-by-blow -- and the classic video -- right here. Easter weekend's D-FW Nielsen ratings are in, too.
Ed Bark