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The TV biz used to be easy as ABC. But now . . .

Two recent releases sent to unclebarky.com illustrate the increasingly obvious: Your basic living room TV set is making the slow but steady conveyor trip from living room centerpiece to oversized knickknack.

CBS Interactive just announced, for instance, that Joe Ferreira has been named senior VP and GM of the recently created CBS Audience Network. Its management team, by the way, will "oversee the two dozen partners contributing to nearly 90% unduplicated web reach for CBS content in an open, non-exclusive content syndication strategy."

That's a pretty big gulp. Here's a bigger one: "In May, CBS announced phase II of the Audience Network, which included partnering with leading community-building websites and social application providers to allow users to incorporate CBS-provided clips on their blogs, wikis, widgets and community pages."

Furthermore, "these new partners included Automattic (that's not a typo), Clearspring, DAVE Networks, Goowy Media, meebo, MeeVee, Musestorm, Ning, RockYou!, Slide, VideoEgg, Voxant and vSocial."

Unclebarky.com's been getting those clips, too, and has even used a few. Look out, MeeVee.

You'll notice that the word "television" isn't used in any of this terminology. Consider it a bypass on the four-lane artery to the pulsating heart of something or other that's going to be really big if you believe all of this stuff.

Also this week, The Nielsen Company announced that it will begin measuring the "mobile media consumer."

Eight million people viewed some form of video on their mobile phones in the last 30 days, says Nielsen. And at least seven percent of all 18-to-34-year-olds did so in this year's First Quarter (January to March).

"This new mobile measurement service demonstrates Nielsen's continued commitment to follow content wherever consumers take it," says Nielsen VP Jeff Herrmann.

Just remember to phone home once in a while, too.