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WFAA8 silent on DMN layoffs but Neiman Marcus job losses make the cut

WFAA8, corporate sibling of the Belo-owned Dallas Morning News, made no mention of the newspaper's latest round of layoffs Tuesday night. But its 10 p.m. newscast did make note of the job cuts that same day by Neiman Marcus.

Even more disheartening -- or maybe even disgraceful -- WFAA8 as usual plugged a story appearing in the next day's DMN. For shame.

This is the same station that went after a rival network's "To Catch a Predator" series on Dateline NBC. And investigative reporter Byron Harris won national awards for his sleuthing. Harris' reports were valuable, but I wondered at the time whether WFAA8 would have proceeded with the same zeal had Dateline been an ABC news magazine. I think we might know the answer to that after Tuesday's 10 p.m. blackout of the DMN layoffs.

At least 50 editorial employees were laid off at the DMN Tuesday as part of 200 job cuts newspaper wide. That includes a staggering 13 from the sports department, according to the in-house dmncuts.blogspot.com. Eleven Metro staffers also were dropped. Only a handful have gone public with their farewells so far, including the inimitable Nancy Moore, who regularly comments as "Shaggy" on unclebarky.com.

It's the second time Nancy has been laid off, and this time she lets her freak flag fly in a declaration of independence posted on unfairpark. There are many sides to Nancy, who's also a very accomplished singer/songwriter. So check this out.

As might be expected, many of the banished have ample mileage on them. And many of the comments on dmncuts question why no managers were among the casualties. Here's a particularly apt contribution from someone who was spared Tuesday:

"And now, all of us 'Stepford' worker bees will sit in our meetings tomorrow with George and Bob (managing editor George Rodrigue and editor Bob Mong) and politely listen and nod our muted heads in a very understanding way, when all we really want to do is scream obscenities. But we have to cling to our jobs by our fingernails like every other middle class American and pray we're not on the list the next time. It's pathetic and maddening."

Or maybe someone might just want to SAY SOMETHING!!!

On the other hand, that's how you end up where I am. Hurts so bad. Feels so good.