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Verne 'n' Dale: faces of WFAA8 sports for 43 years and counting

Few if any TV stations in the wide world of sportscasting can say they've had just two lead dogs in the past 43 years. But WFAA8 can, and it was good to see incumbent Dale Hansen and predecessor Verne Lundquist chatting away recently on Good Morning Texas. You can find the video, nicely salted with Lundquist clips, in this here space. Also, Uncle Barky's latest locally flavored American Idol dispatch is in the house. So are the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings, with Idol and Lost again topping the charts.

NOTE TO READERS -- We earlier publicized the America's Got Talent event at Fair Park, which will be held on Thursday and Friday of this week. If you still want to attend a taping, go here for more information and then scroll down to the bottom item for a link on how to get tickets.
Ed Bark