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Fall promo palooza: "We've Got the Touch" (CBS, 1983)

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No. 1 CBS touted its returning hits -- and it had plenty of ‘em -- in these homey “We’ve Got the Touch” spots for the 1983 fall season.

The network wanted to make it clear that everyday Americans also had “The Touch.” So they were shown in various vigorous activities before gathering around the TV hearth to watch CBS. Never mind that actors were playing all of these parts, ranging from Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing in Dallas to someone dressed as an old lady jumping rope. The sing-along jingle melded them as one: “You’re tuned to us, we’re tuned to you.”

CBS had six of prime-time’s top 10 series from the previous season, with 60 Minutes ranked No. 1 followed by Dallas (No. 2), M*A*S*H and Magnum, P.I. (tied for No. 3), Simon & Simon (No. 7) and Falcon Crest (No. 8).

Most of its fall 1983 newcomers hit dry holes, though, with quick exits for Goodnight, Beantown, Emerald Point N.A.S., The Mississippi, Whiz Kids and Cutter to Houston (which co-starred Alec Baldwin as a hot-shot Houston doc). Only Scarecrow & Mrs. King proved to have any legs.

Here are two of those promos from days when cable TV was yet to pose a serious threat and the living room TV set still held most of the power.

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