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Uncle Barky's Countdown to Christmas: Finale

What's your favorite Christmas carol?

During the formative Little Barky years, mine was "Silent Night." My parents urged me to sing it at parties. I feigned being angelic.

In later years, "Ave Maria" took over. That's because the annual Perry Como Christmas special always ended on this note.

But now it's "O Holy Night," a very challenging song that has been performed many times many ways over the years. A big finish is mandatory. And I think the below two videos deliver.

Patti LaBelle performs the first version, much of it a cappella. You can feel the feeling behind it.

Josh Groban soars through the second version, with accompanying scenes from the 2006 movie The Nativity Story. Beautifully done.

Hope you enjoyed some or all of this season's "Countdown." Have a great Christmas, everybody! You deserve it.