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Fall promo palooza: Fox's "We Are All Made of Stars" (2003)

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Fox spotlighted its hot young stars -- well, at least they all looked hot -- in this still very stylish, image-is-all plug for the 2003-04 TV season.

Moby’s “We Are All Made of Stars” is the theme music, with six new shows briefly identified in block letters. Only one of them, The O.C., lasted beyond a single season. Wonderfalls (which didn’t air until midseason), Luis and A Minute with Stan Hooper quickly went down for the count. And two of the alleged newcomers, Still Life and The Ortegas, never got on the air at all.

Still Life’s Jensen Ackles nevertheless can be seen as a premature heartthrob who went on to throb hearts for real in Supernatural (returning for its 10th season this fall on The CW). This promo likewise stands the test of time.

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