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Fall promo palooza: NBC "Must See" (1996)

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Network TV’s latest new fall season is inching up on us, with the usual promises that you’ll be wildly entertained by one hit show after another.

In hopes of furthering this mood, our “Fall Promo Palooza” kicks off with NBC’s one-minute “Must See” tickler for its 1996 fall season. As you’ll see, the emphasis is on comedy, with holdover hits such as Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier and Mad About You in the Peacock’s quiver.

Less successful were the “New Faces,” populating duds such as Mr. Rhodes, Something So Right, Men Behaving Badly and Boston Common.

Remember Jay Leno? You can also see him right at the start. So enjoy the spectacle, and we plan to bring you one of these each weekday until the new TV season starts rolling into view.

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