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ABC's revised midseason lineup includes spot for Dallas-set GCB

Leslie Bibb, in foreground, fronts the GCB cast. ABC photo

ABC has announced a batch of its midseason premiere dates, including the unveiling of Dallas-set GCB on Sunday, March 4th in place of Pan Am.

Adapted from the Kim Gatlin book Good Christian Bitches and initially re-titled Good Christian Belles, the soapy, sin-slaked serial stars Leslie Bibb as a scandalized single mom and former Dallasite who returns home 20 years after her high school graduation.

She immediately encounters a batch of scheming church-goers, headed by Kristin Chenoweth, who still resent her previous evil ways. Annie Potts also stars as the returnee's conniving, creature-comforted mom.

The pilot for GCB was filmed in Dallas, but subsequent episodes are being made in L.A.

For other new series also have arrival dates.

***The sitcom Work It, stars Amaury Nolasco and Ben Koldyke as two out-of-work guys who resort to dressing as women to beat the ongoing "mancession." It premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd following Tim Allen's incumbent Last Man Standing and in place of the failed Man Up.

***Also coming on Jan. 3rd is -- no kidding -- Celebrity Wife Swap. Announced participants so far include Gary Busey, Flavor Flav, Dee Snider and soiled televangelist Ted Haggard. It temporarily will replace the weekly Dancing with the Stars results show during a planned six-episode run.

***The River, launching on Tuesday, Feb. 7th (in place of Celebrity Wife Swap) stars Bruce Greenwood as a famed explorer who's mysteriously gone missing in the Amazon. His wife and son try to find him, encountering various perils enroute. Steven Spielberg is the lead executive producer.

***Missing also focuses on a frantic search, with Ashley Judd starring as a mom looking desperately for her young son after he disappears while studying abroad. This one premieres on Thursday, March 15th in place of the canceled Charlie's Angels.

ABC also has announced that the next edition of Dancing with the Stars will begin on Monday, March 19th. A new season of Shark Tank, with Dallas Mavericks and HDNet owner Mark Cuban now a permanent part of the panel, starts on Friday, Feb. 3rd. And Winter Wipeout will start whipping you on Thursday, Jan. 5th, holding a place for Missing in the 7 p.m. central hour.

Still awaiting official word on their midseason berths are Cougar Town and previously announced newcomers Scandal and Don't Trust the B -- in Apartment 23.