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Random bursts: Nimoy Treks through Letterman Top 10 list; Rather puts on a 'fro to report on burrito lunch

Thursday's edition of CBS' Late Show with David Letterman beamed up the original Mr. Spock to count down 10 "Lines Never Before Said in a Star Trek Film." Here are three crackups:

9. We're entering a breach in the space-time continuum or a wormhole or some crazy crap like that.

7. Welcome aboard the Starship Enterprise -- today's in-flight movie is Big Momma's House 2.

4. My baby-daddy is a Vulcan -- on the next Maury.

Meanwhile, on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Dan Rather agreeably flipped his wig for a mock 1973 report titled "Nixon Has a Burrito." Seeing is believing, so here's the video:

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Nixon Has a Burrito
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