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Picky Picky (Vol. 17)

Joe the Plumber, who by now needs no further introduction or identification, has signed a management deal with an eye toward becoming a show biz personality.

"Joe the Plumber is fast becoming a brand," a representative of Nashville-based Pathfinder Management tells The New York Times. "He is a dynamic speaker and an everyman who has become an overnight celebrity."

Fine. But we ask you, which of the above will still be part of the conversation 10 years from now? Or maybe even six months hence. Your "votes" and elaborations can be cast in our Comments section. And as always, your email address is not visible to either unclebarky.com or any readers. All that appears is your name or "name." All righty then. In alphabetical order, here are our esteemed nominees:

A. Chuckles the Clown (real name, Chuckles the Clown)
B. Dog the Bounty Hunter (real name, Duane Chapman)
C. Joe the Plumber (real name, Samuel J. Wurzelbacher)
D. Larry the Cable Guy (real name, Daniel Lawrence Whitney)
E. Or you can write in ________ the ____________