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Fall promo palooza: Grand finale

@unclebarkycom on Twitter
Network TV’s new fall series begin trickling onto home screens next week, although the latest TV season doesn’t officially begin until Monday, Sept. 22nd.

We conclude our “Fall Promo Palooza” series with an extended tease for one of the showiest newcomers. Fox is banking heavily on its Batman prequel, Gotham, which premieres on Monday, Sept. 22nd. Benjamin McKenzie, who became a star via Fox’s The O.C., returns to his old network as the future Commissioner Gordon. The Penguin, The Ridler, Catwoman and others also are in their formative stages.

All in all, it’s a big, bold and risky attempt to rope in both old and new comic book fans. Here’s Fox’s 2-minute effort to further stir the juices.

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