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Fox and Friends punk'd while again shilling for Romney

Who vets this stuff -- Mandrake the Magician?

Some guy named Max Rice was billed as a recent college grad who had voted for Barack Obama but now was switching to Mitt Romney. This is of course made him perfect for the purposes of Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends, which even on a good day is by and large an embarrassment.

The interview was conducted by F&F co-host and former Miss America Gretchen Carlson, who was a weekend anchor/reporter at Fort Worth-based NBC5 during a portion of the 1990s.

The below video speaks for itself while also making one wonder how this guy ever made it on the air. Carlson ends up as his dupe. Only flies on the wall and a few selected Fox employees know what happened behind the scenes after she got off the air Monday morning. Enjoy.
Ed Bark