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Uncle Barky's Countdown to Christmas -- Episode 8

Things had gotten more than a little creaky when Bob Hope, then 90, and his wife, Dolores, welcomed an assembly line of celebrity guests at the start of 1993's two-hour Bob Hope's Bag Full of Christmas Memories.

This clip shows the Hopes standing in front of a Christmas tree -- supposedly in their Toluca Lake, CA home -- and greeting the likes of . . . well, you'll see. Joey Lawrence gives a pretty perfunctory greeting, though, as the special's "Young Hollywood" rep.

Hope died in 2003 at the age of 100 and Dolores lived to be 102 before expiring on Sept. 19th of this year. Hope's last TV special of any kind, Laughing with the Presidents, aired on Nov. 23, 1996.
Ed Bark