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Commie pinko update -- from righteous Twitter debate analysts who just know I'm one of those

Did ya hear the one about . . . ? Mitt Romney & Barack Obama are all smiles after their final debate. Not so the Twitter-verse Photo: Ed Bark

The Twitter-verse is basically a rowdy, untamed frontier, never more so than on nights with highly charged political events.

On Monday, my live tweets for the most part said that President Obama decisively whipped Mitt Romney on both substance and style during their closing debate on foreign policy. I was equally emphatic during the first two debates, saying that Romney had badly beaten Obama in their first encounter and that any edge Joe Biden might have had over Paul Ryan was trumped by his off-putting demeanor.

In all instances, I didn't look at other tweets to "validate" my thoughts. I put them out there, and after each debate checked to see what the general response had been.

Here's the difference, though. The knee-jerk charges of left-leaning liberal bias came out in force during the course of Debate 4. I was suddenly a stooge for Obama in the view of tweeters who were nowhere to be found during the first two debates.

This pisses me off. I've approached each debate with a completely open mind, calling them as I see them as both television performances and substantive discussions. The first two, in my view, tilted in favor of the Republicans. Obama narrowly won the second presidential debate, but not nearly to the degree that Romney had thumped him in Debate 1. And I thought Obama clearly dominated on Monday night.

The beauty of Twitter, though, is that you can call people out by name. They can't hide behind anonymity in website "Comments" sections (which recently were removed from unclebarky.com after too much name-calling and attacking by cretins who peed from the bushes without putting their names to their petty observations). In the end they ruined it for the majority.

So I'm going to post the names and tweets of those who resorted to the tired old "lefty" rhetoric. And then I'm going to rebut them. Disagreeing is fine. No problem at all with that. But you're gonna get hammered in turn when the best you can do is a clumsy left-footed liberal bias two-step.

Here's some early wisdom from Clay Jones (unheard from in the first two debates): "Your colors are showing, Ed. Obama is the one who's been wrong and we're all paying for it."

And what colors would those be, Clay? Apparently you didn't bother to read this pre-debate tweet from yours truly: "Chris Matthews again in process of belittling & talking right over woman who doesn't agree with him chapter & verse on Romney." Or this one from Debate 1 between Obama and Romney: "Michelle's gonna sit down with Barack tonight and say, 'Honey, I know it's our anniversary, but we won't celebrate. That man beat you bad."

Here's a pearl from Carissa Menefee (unheard from in the first two debates): "You mock media bias, but your own tweets seem biased to me."

Did they seem biased to you during the first two debates? Why wasn't I a right-wing nut on those occasions?

John Beakley (also unheard from in Debates 1 and 2) had a thought: "Stick to reviewing tv shows with fluff, you are out of your league on big boy politics."

Right. Like I haven't heard that one before. Well, John, I was a political reporter in Madison, Wisconsin before coming to D-FW. Covered presidential campaigns and a governor's race. And during my time at The Dallas Morning News, I wrote extensively about the media coverage in presidential campaigns and at 10 national political conventions.

I can see where you're a big leaguer, though, John. After all, your Twitter bio describes you as "Diehard Longhorn, and all Dallas sports teams." John later added this verbatim genius tweet: "well guess what Lfty, Romney is getting his points in now." Wow, way to put me in my place, Einstein.

Cliff Fiske offered this zinger: "Your left is showing. No rooting in press box." Cliff later conceded that he "didn't read along (during) first two debates." Well, of course you didn't, Cliff. Par for the course.

Anthony Spencer saw bias where no one else did -- with moderator Bob Schieffer. His tweet: "Can't you see how the LEFT moderator is setting him (Obama) up? Jesus!!!!!!"

Hey, Anthony, let me refer you to the country's foremost prosecutor of "liberal media bias," Brent Bozell. On Monday night, the conservative founder and president of the Media Research Center tweeted, "It's important for conservatives to acknowledge this: Whatever his biases, and he has biases, Schieffer didn't show them tonight. Well done."

By the way, Bozell also thought that Romney got his clocked cleaned by Obama, but hoped no one was watching. His final tweet of the night: "Bad news for Romney: poor performance, and lack of vision. Good news for Romney: No one knows; America had been put to sleep."

Boy, that Bozell. What a lefty!

Take it from Rick Percle, though. "Your preference is showing."