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Curtis couldn't quite manage any Tony awards on TV

The late Tony Curtis, who died Wednesday at age 85, didn't have much of a TV career. He turned to the tube only after his estimable big-screen career began fizzling. But despite ABC's considerable promotional effort, 1971's The Persuaders failed to make much of a mark, even with the added presence of co-star Roger Moore.

Curtis also played a Robin Hood-ish con man on NBC in 1975's short-lived McCoy before returning to ABC in 1978 as the recurring character Philip Roth in Robert Urich's Vega$.

His made-for-TV movie credits included Agatha Christie's Murder In Three Acts, The Count of Monte Cristo, Portrait of a Showgirl, The Users, Moviola: The Scarlett O'Hara War and Mafia Princess.

Persuaders was supposed to be the big one, though. Curtis and Moore played adversarial, crime-tackling playboys in this Europe-set series, which was produced in England. Curtis, in the role of Danny Wilde, was a Brooklyn-bred, self-made millionaire. Moore, as Lord Brett Sinclair, grew up in the lap of luxury.

The below clip, from the series' first episode, pits the two of them in a car chase through Monte Carlo. Its split-screen techniques and accompanying sappy road music ("Gotta get away -- he-y-y-y") are distinctly from those times. Still, it's all oddly watchable, with the final destination a posh hotel where Curtis and Moore vie to get their luggage handled first.

Enjoy the ride. And safe travels to the beyond, TC.