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Uncle Barky's Countdown to Christmas: Episode 2

Hark, it's Bing and Frank in a 1957 ABC Christmas special that originally aired in black and white on ABC. It also was filmed in color, though, for theater showings that never occurred.

Many Christmases later, the richly appointed color version was discovered and included in a 2010 DVD collection titled Bing Crosby: Volume Two -- The Christmas Specials.

In the below video, Sinatra joins Crosby for his anthem, White Christmas. They then settle in for what looks to be a sumptuously prepared two-man meal at a mockup of Frank's place.

It's all very nicely done with no messing around. Bing may be more famous for his odd couple version of The Little Drummer Boy with David Bowie. But this one's a keeper, too.