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Old Mick, new app

Mick Jagger SNL promo with Kristen Wiig. Photo from NBC video

Mick Jagger closes out this season's Saturday Night Live with his first-ever hosting stint on May 19th.

NBC is making an extra big deal of it by using the new free Color for Facebook app on ol' Mick, who cut his musical teeth on old-line revolving vinyl.

The network says that Jagger, the SNL cast and special guests Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters can all be seen behind the scenes via 30-second videos recorded during rehearsals and the live show's commercial breaks.

"Fans will get a rare peek into what really happens backstage," the network says. "Once a cast member starts to shoot live video, you'll get a little alert on your phone to tune in."

So if that sounds enticing, you can go here to download the Color app. And I just did.