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Diff'rent strokes keep Borgnine rolling

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Hmm, Ernest Borgnine didn't impart this particular piece of information while promoting Hallmark Channel's A Grandpa For Christmas last year.

The former McHale's Navy star laughed it up about turning 90 -- in a very gee-rated way -- while sitting next to his cute little co-star, Juliette Goglia. TV critics, including yours truly, marveled at the bounce in Borgnine's step.

Time marches on, though, and Borgnine now is 91 and with a book to promote. While recently flogging his new autobiography Ernie on Fox & Friends, he initially demurred when asked, "What's the secret?"

"I don't dare tell you," Borgnine said before leaning over and half-whispering the very audible naked truth. You might say it was a magic moment, capped by co-host Steve Doocy exclaiming, "I just shook his hand!"

There are far worse ways to grow old. Have a look: