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Dancing ready to floor it with another dozen

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Hop to it: Kristi Yamaguchi, Priscilla Presley and Adam Carolla

Sixty-two-year-old Priscilla Presley hopes to get all shook up when Dancing with the Stars returns for its sixth edition next month.

The storied widow easily is the hit ABC show's oldest contestant yet, succeeding Jane Seymour. The former Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star was 56 at the time she signed on last year.

Almost thrice her junior is R&B singer Mario, who at 21 is the youngest entrant ever. They join 10 other would-be sole survivors announced in threesomes Monday night during the network's extended and excruciating finale of Dance War: Bruno and Carrie Ann.

Here's the rest of an eclectic and pretty intriguing field, which includes two former champion women athletes and a current member of the Miami Dolphins unless new GM Bill Parcells wants to cut him, too:

Adam Carolla -- who can't possibly take this seriously, can he?

Cristian De La Fuente -- telenovela hearththrob.

Shannon Elizabeth -- best known for starring role in American Pie.

Steve Guttenberg -- arguably the new field's biggest has-been.

Marlee Martin -- hearing-impaired Oscar winner for Children of a Lesser God.

Penn Jillette -- who can't possibly take this seriously, can he?

Monica Seles -- winner of nine Grand Slam tennis singles titles.

Jason Taylor -- Reigning NFL Man of the Year Award winner and All-Pro defensive end for the Dolphins.

Marissa Jaret Winokur -- Tony Award-winning star of Broadway's Hairspray.

Kristi Yamaguchi -- Olympic gold medalist figure skater.

Dancing returns on March 17th and will have the show's first-ever double elimination round on March 25th, ABC says.