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Only tipsy with power this time: hits on two of Idol's latest three finalists


Idol finalists Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert Fox photo

Your friendly American Idol idolator correctly picked two of the three finalists to emerge from Thursday's 12 hopefuls.

Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert made the top 12 as predicted but I missed on Kris Allen, instead succumbing to the bizarre song stylings of Nick Mitchell a k a "Norman Gentle."

That makes it five out of six on unclebarky. com's scorecard after hitting on all three of last week's chosen trio -- Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver.

Three more finalists will be voted into the top 12 next Wednesday before the judges resurrect three viewer castoffs on Thursday's first-ever "wild card" show.