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Wink, blink, nod


Seven Wink Martindales can't be wrong. Right?

The resilient game show host's inventive publicists are pushing him as a "retro fashion icon" in a release headlined, "Move Over, Lady Gaga!!!

Martindale, 75 and currently hosting GSN's Instant Recall, probably wouldn't mind me saying he's had a little work done over the years. But hey, so have Bob Eubanks and Bob Costas, neither of whom would probably be caught dead in the above "electric peacock colors and day-glo ties" that Wink's proudly sporting.

Frankly, I think he's better compared to American Idol runnerup Adam Lambert than Lady Gaga. His wardrobe and makeup on Tuesday's Tonight Show definitely raised the bar for Wink. Or as Lambert put it in a tweet, "Wait till you see the high glam we served!!"

Here are mano a mano pics of Lambert from Tonight and Wink from his official website. You make the call.
DSCN1587 Instant_Recall_Host_Wink_Martindale

As long as we're on this admittedly bizarro topic, let me admit to really liking Lambert's performance of "Sleepwalker" on Leno's Tonight. Despite a tendency to be his own worst enemy, here's a Lambert to like for the sheer power of his vocals coupled with a stiff, strong dose of showmanship. The Liberace of the aughts? Hey, there are worse things.

So check out the video if you would and brand me insane if you'd like. Wink-wink.